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A-Linie/Princess-Linie V-Ausschnitt Bodenlang Tüll Ärmellos Applikationen Kleider

Verkaufspreis: 141,30 €

Market Price: 492,30 €

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  • Schneidzeit: 12-15 Days
  • Lieferzeit: 3-8 Tage
Artikelnummer PO16033PO538
Jahreszeit Frühling,Sommer,Fallen,Winter
Stoff Tüll
Ausschnitt V-Ausschnitt
Silhouette A-Linie/Princess-Linie
Ärmellänge Ärmellos
Verschönerung Applikationen
Tailleumfang Natürlich
Zurück Stil Andere
Saum/Zug Bodenlang
Gezeigte Farbe Grau
Paketgewicht 1500.0000
Schneidzeit:12-15 Days Whether you choose a standard size or custom measurements, our tailors craft each dress to order. Lieferzeit:3-8 Tage Ihr Kleid wird in ca. 12-15 Tagen fertig zugeschnitten sein. Dann versenden wir es per UPS / DHL / TNT / Fedex.

Dieses Kleid wird nach der Bestellung angefertigt.Ob Sie die Standardgröße oder benutzerdefinierte Maße wählen, wird jedes Kleid von unseren Schneidern exklusiv für Sie angefertigt.

Das früheste Ankunftsdatum ist Feb 11,2023 Wenn die Bestellung HEUTE aufgegeben wird.

A-Linie/Princess-Linie V-Ausschnitt Bodenlang Tüll Ärmellos Applikationen Kleider

  • A-Line/Princess V-neck Floor-Length Tulle Sleeveless Applique Dresses

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Really beautiful dress. Very well made. It does run small around the waist, so order at least one size up.




Gorgeous dress, can't believe how high the quality is for the price.




Absolutely amazing! Looks just like the pictures! No one would ever guess it’s so affordable!








LOVED THIS DRESS! It fit beautifully. The size aligned with the measurements. The color is beautiful




This dress is absolutely beautiful. It looks just like the image.




This dress fits true to size. It's a great dress for the price and the quality is good enough.




I am a photographer who ordered this dress for personal project/ styled bridal shoot, I received the dress today and am in love! For the price it is well put together and will do what I need it to do. I have included a few photos that I took. My Model is a US size 3. I also plan on taking the cleavage cover off as it is just a few stitches. I will update my review with photos of the gown with my model in it after the shoot happens.




This is such a classy, elegant and beautiful dress!! I was skeptical to order my daughter's prom dress and have it shipped from this site but I took the chance since this is the one she really liked. I was then hesitant on sizing due to reviews. I measured my daughter; 32.5" bust, 25.5" waist, (hips don't really matter on this one)... It took about 3 weeks to get here, but still made it a few days before the estimated shipping dates. When it arrived, she tried it on and it fit beautifully




I was soooooooo nervous about this dress. I got it in the mail today an wow. BEAUTIFUL. I got a 2, I'm 5'3 and it hits the ground perfectly. It looks just like the photo and sparkles in the light!!! This is sooooo worth it, can't wait to wear it to my prom!!!




Very very very good. I was worried because of how cheap it was, but it looks exactly like the picture. A+ 10/10 good job, dressyin.




I was all out of black tie dress options a week before a charity gala, so I decided to order this gown based on the previous reviews. I honestly was expecting something poorly made and ill-fitting, but to my surprise it fit true to size and the quality was amazing -- the sequin and stitching was very well done. I hemmed the length about 4 inches, and I removed the triangle mesh insert over the bust to make it a true v-neck. I received SO many compliments and everyone couldn't believe I paid $165 for it. I ordered a size 4 -- I am 120lbs, 5'1'', 34B bust.




I was a little nervous because of ordering on line and because the price is so low, but this dress is absolutely amazing! It fits perfect, just a little too long but not bad! The quality is amazing! No complaints! (I cut off the cleavage covering, I didn't like how it looked, but I had no trouble in cutting it) :)




My experiencse with this website are positive.This is my second order and both dresses are great,very satisfied with their quality and material.I recommend this site.




This dress is even more beautiful in person!




Couldn't be more pleased! Sturdy fabric, rich color, nice quality - GREAT dress. Well done!

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